Former Wiltonian eliminated from 'Food Network Star'

Thirty-year-old Ms. Frisch was one of 12 finalists on the show’s 10th season, which premiered Sunday, June 1.

Ms. Frisch, who currently lives in Ithaca, N.Y., told The Bulletin in June that she was raised with “a passion for eating and cooking” and developed a love for “ingredients with roots still attached.”

“I love getting people excited about cooking. I think it’s a gateway for happier and healthier lives,” said Ms. Frisch, who is a food blogger, restaurant owner, cook and farmer.

In her Food Network Star exit interview, Ms. Frisch said she felt “sad, but grateful and excited to move forward with my life and see what opportunities are spawned from this incredible experience.”

“I’ve never done something this hard in my life,” she said. “This is really the hardest competition I’ve ever done, the hardest test of my own morale and integrity, and a real journey of personal discovery and growth.”

Ms. Frisch said she and her husband will be opening a “glamping hotel — you know, glamorous camping — in Ithaca.”

“We’re looking to pop up in a lot of other places as well. We’ll potentially be in the Hudson Valley and Lake Tahoe, so that’s just such an exciting project, and it’s a dream we’ve shared for a really long time,” said Ms. Frisch.

“I’m also working on another restaurant project. I can’t say the name at this point, but it’s also based in Ithaca, and I’m hoping that will come to fruition in the next year — so there’s a lot.”