Fink joins historic commission

Debra Fink
Debra Fink

The Wilton Historic District and Historic Property Commission welcomed Debra Fink as its new alternate member during its Oct. 2 meeting.

Fink is a Wilton resident of nearly 27 years and a real estate agent for 13 years — the last six of which she’s spent working for Realty Seven in Wilton. She became an alternate historic commission member after seeing a notice about the open spot and contacting First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, she said.

“I also know a couple of other commission members and spoke to them about the position,” said Fink, who — after being involved with other groups in town like the Wilton Garden Club, Friends of Ambler Farm and PTA — wanted “to see what being involved at the town level was like.”

As an independent, Fink had to “gather supporting signatures in order to apply for the open spot” on the historic commission, said Wilton Historic District and Historic Property Commission Chair Allison Sanders.

Fink has replaced Lori Fusco — who is now a regular commissioner —  as an alternate on the commission, said Sanders.

Alternate commission members serve terms of three years or fewer — compared to regular members’ five-year terms. Alternates fill in for regular commission members who are absent or have a conflict of interest. When seated, an alternate has all the powers and duties of a regular commission member — except they can only vote when designated to do so by the commission chair.

In addition to looking forward to “learning a bit more about the interrelationships of the various boards and commissions” and “the opportunity to make a small impact in helping to preserve Wilton’s history,” Fink said, she is also “excited to give back” to a town that has given her and her family “so much.”

The Wilton Historic District and Historic Property Commission will meet Tuesday Nov. 6, at 7:30 p.m., in the town hall annex.