Criscuolo pays fine of $10,000

Matt Criscuolo, owner of the property at 991 Danbury Road, paid a fine of $10,000 on Thursday, Jan. 16, to settle the charge against him for violating state water pollution control regulations.

Mr. Criscuolo was arrested June 21 by Wilton police when he attempted to siphon wastewater from a septic system at the property into catch basins that drain into the Norwalk River. The septic system belonged to his restaurant Toozy Patza Pizza. The Wilton Inland Wetlands Commission issued a cease and desist order.

Mr. Criscuolo pleaded not guilty to the charge in Norwalk Superior Court Aug. 27, and pretrial proceedings ensued.

With payment of the fine, which goes to the state, the case was concluded. Because Mr. Criscuolo had an approved septic system installed and received a certificate of discharge from the Wilton Health Department, the wetlands commission lifted its cease and desist order.

Mr. Criscuolo offered the following statement.

The septic problems at my establishment have been completely fixed and cleaned up. I would hope that as a longtime member of the Wilton community, a resident and a business owner, that the citizens of my town would see that I made a mistake but an unintended one. It was late on a Monday night when I couldn’t reach the professionals who normally help to fix leaky septics. There was nothing malicious in my intent, I merely wanted to act as quickly as feasible.

“Furthermore, it was not raw sewage that seeped out but grey water that may or may not have contaminated the river. And while I am regretful, I have done everything I can to remedy and rectify this. I have paid vendors a premium to be sure the work is done in the most timely manner. Having paid huge tolls for my mistake, please know that this was a mistake. Period.

“I have done quite a bit for Wilton and am proud that I am able to consistently contribute money, food and space to charities and local happenings. The above-described unfortunate actions (a one-time event) are not consistent with my track record. And from here I’d like to move on, and back to where I stood creating good food, a great atmosphere and a fun time for everyone who seeks delicious entrées from a local well-established family — and a table or a booth in which to relax with friends and family. I have always intended Toozy Patza and the new Bistro 7, site of these events, as that special place for the town I call mine.”