85-year resident is tree steward

A lifelong Wiltonian and long-time member of the Wilton Garden Club, Alice Levin, has been awarded the 2014 Tree Steward Award by the Wilton Tree Committee.

Ms. Levin was selected by the committee as the town tree steward for her work as a “constant and willing contributor to the protection and stewardship in our community,” a press release from the committee said.

“Alice embodies the values of our tree steward by promoting, protecting and planting trees throughout her lifetime,” it continued. “Alice has accomplished this by planning, planting and caring for her own arboretum at her home, where she and her family has resided since 1929.”

Ms. Levin and her family were among the first supporters and contributors to the Wilton Center tree plan, and the master gardener also helped establish the Wilton Deer Committee to address the town’s growing deer population.

In addition to her work with town initiatives and organizations, Ms. Levin was an Initial contributor and supporter of the Norwalk Tree Festival, and is a self-taught master gardener.

The tree committee’s past tree steward recipients include; Paul Young, Wilton tree warden; Pat Sesto, director of environmental affairs, Halftan Prahl and Charlie Robinson, and local arborists, George Symonds.

“We extend our special thanks to Alice for her work and leadership in town,” the press release said.

The Wilton Tree Committee is charged with oversight of stewardship of community trees in Wilton Center.

Street trees represent a community asset that requires proactive stewardship.

The committee’s long-term goal is to work with public and private land owners through the center to properly manage street trees by systematically removing and replacing dead trees. More than 40 donated trees been have been installed through the center and Merwin Meadows since 2008.