Zion's Hill gets a new playground

Zion’s Hill Preschool has a new playground that incorporates the school’s natural surroundings to promote children’s imagination and creativity.

The preschool at 470 Danbury Road celebrated the completion of its new upper playground with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by families and friends on Wednesday, Aug. 27.

This past winter, parent board members Tara Kovach and Jennifer Longmire began looking for a company that could help the preschool replace their 25-year-old playground with a new one.

After reviewing a few proposals, the board members chose Fred Martin’s Environment Design to construct the new playground.

“He was able to incorporate all of the aspects we wanted and needed, and used his expertise to guide us in designing a playground that stimulates play and creativity,” said Ms. Longmire.

In his work, Mr. Martin uses the environment to promote imagination and activity. Some examples of his work can be seen at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center and The Earth Place Nature Center in Westport.

“People are just beginning to understand how kids really play,” said Mr. Martin, who added large pieces of wood, balance apparatuses, music and plantings to the new playground to enhance the school’s natural surroundings.

“I also know even small children live busy lives, so providing structures with levels and challenges helps them get the practice they need to become well-rounded adults.”

Ms. Kovach said the new playground, which was the focus of Zion’s Hill’s annual spring fund-raiser, is “more than we could have imagined.”

“Our families have always been generous, but we could really feel the excitement about this project and the support was obvious,” said Zion’s Hill Director Monica Sommer.

“The children at Zion’s Hill will have many wonderful years of fun on this playground.”

All families are welcome to attend Zion’s Hill open houses on Friday, Sept. 26, and Wednesday, Oct. 15, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Call 203-762-9620 to RSVP, and visit www.zhpp.org for more information.