Zion’s Hill celebrates United Nations Day

In honor of United Nations Day, Zion’s Hill Preschool students held a parade to celebrate different countries around the world the morning of Monday, Oct. 24.

Dressed in traditional clothing, students carried the flags of Hungary, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, Norway, England, Scotland and Japan — countries they spent two weeks studying.

“The children chose a country from their heritage or one they were interested in learning about,” said Principal Kelly Debald.

“The parents helped at home finding some kid-friendly facts about that country, then at school they made flags of their countries and instruments to play in our parade.”

After the parade, each class shared facts about their countries.

Debald said she encourages diversity in the classroom and wants students to be proud of their heritage.

“Three of my children’s families are from different countries and speak their native language, as well as English,” said Debald.

Not only do students count attendance in different languages, said Debald, but her dual-language speakers are also teaching their peers how to count in Russian, Hungarian and Portuguese.

“We also have been discussing peace and friendship, which led to the discussion about all people should be peaceful towards each other,” said Debald.

“We even made a peace banner similar to the peace poles they’ve been doing in Wilton.”

Zion’s Hill’s ended its United Nations Day celebration with food representative of the nine countries.

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