Young adventurers climb at Middlebrook

Kendra Baker photos
A group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders spent five days navigating the Middlebrook School adventure course as part of Wilton Continuing Education’s Climbing Adventures summer program earlier this month.

During the five-day program, led by Middlebrook physical education teachers Heather Schlitz and Mike Roberto, students learned safety rules, basic belaying and climbing techniques, and received extensive instruction with harnesses, carabiners and helmets.

The adventure course consists of 14 indoor, outdoor, low- and high-ropes elements, including a 40-foot-high climbing wall and 35-foot-high multi-vine.

The multi-vine consists of a single foot cable suspended between two trees with a row of hanging ropes above it.

“You go all the way across it,” said one Climbing Adventures camper, who will begin her sixth-grade year at Middlebrook this fall. “It’s cool but freaky.”

The goal of the multi-vine is to traverse the foot cable, reaching each hanging rope along the way. A person on the ground holds a rope attached to the harness of the traverser and helps guide and support him or her across the cable.

Middlebrook has had the multi-vine since the 1980s, said Schlitz, and its climbing wall for three years — both of which are used by the Middlebrook physical education students during the school year.

The skill level of Climbing Adventures participants ranged from beginner to those with some years of experience. Rising ninth grader Emma Famous, for example, is an adventure course “veteran” who’s been doing it since sixth grade, said Schlitz.

Some of the other elements Climbing Adventures campers enjoyed were:

  • Sock-it-to-me.

  • Titanic.

  • Giant’s ladder.

  • Centipede.

  • Carnival.

  • Burn-the-bridge.

  • Flying squirrel.

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