Wiltonian helps clean Providence

Wiltonian Jackson Gany began his freshman year at Providence College in Providence, R.I., this fall by participating in the school’s 25th Annual Urban Action program.
From Aug. 24 through Aug. 25, Gany and 150 other freshmen helped clean up and maintain several parks in downtown Providence and performed a number of duties at each site, including spreading mulch, graffiti removal, clearing brush and general maintenance.

When Providence College first initiated the Urban Action program in 1991, it had 17 student volunteers. Since then, more than 3,500 freshmen have participated.
The goal of the pre-orientation community service program is to provide incoming students with an opportunity to make a positive difference in Providence and the area beyond.
Gany, a 2015 Wilton High School graduate, was an apprentice at Ambler Farm for many years, said his mother, Nancy Gany, “so this kind of work comes naturally to him.”