Wilton students go to Germany

Contributed photos
Seven Wilton High School freshmen, sophomores and juniors, accompanied by German-language teacher Kerstin Reuther-Roché and English teacher Matt Kobin, spent June 26 through July 7 in Germany.

The 12-day trip began with a homestay on the island of Usedom in the Baltic Sea.

They then went to Wolgast, where they attended school and went to the Hafentage cultural festival.

Reuther-Roché said the students “loved” the festival, as well as “going to the beach on the island, because they got to hang out with their German friends.”

The immersive experience also included tours of the Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum, Ravensbrück concentration camp, the city of Greifswald and a Russian submarine.

The students also spent three days in Berlin, where they took a bike tour along the former Berlin wall, went on a boat ride, saw government buildings and universities, visited the Holocaust Memorial and Brandenburg Gate, and “had a lot of history explained to them,” said Reuther-Roché.

“Probably their favorite tour was the Street Art (Graffiti) tour in Berlin Lichtenberg when they got to work on their own graffiti,” said Reuther-Roché, “and, of course, they enjoyed going shopping.”

While in Berlin, the students also met up with former Wilton High School student Lindsay Taylor, who attends Freie Universität in Berlin.