Wilton sees higher-than-projected enrollment

As of May 1, there were 3,962 students — not including out-of-district and preschoolers — in Wilton’s public schools. While this reflects 50 fewer students enrolled in Wilton schools than last June, it also reflects 52 more students than projected for this school year.

There were 62 fewer students at Miller-Driscoll and 11 fewer students at Middlebrook, but 12 more students in Cider Mill and 11 more students in the high school in 2018 compared to 2017.

According to the school district’s May enrollment report, Wilton’s four public schools had the following number of students at the start of last month:

  • Miller-Driscoll: 211 kindergarteners, 246 first graders, 266 second graders.

  • Cider Mill: 310 third graders, 278 fourth graders, 314 fifth graders.

  • Middlebrook: 339 sixth graders, 353 seventh graders, 314 eighth graders.

  • Wilton High School: 362 freshman, 325 sophomores, 320 juniors, 324 seniors.

The 49 special education students and 30 peer model students enrolled in the Miller-Driscoll Early Learning Center brought the district's total enrollment for May to 4,041.

Special education

As of May 1, 571 students were enrolled in special education and 285 were served under Section 504 — a civil rights statute in the Rehabilitation Act that requires “the needs of students with disabilities to be met as adequately as the needs of the non-disabled are met,” according to greatschools.org .

According the May enrollment report, the district had the following number of special education students as of the first of each of the following months:

  • October: 538.

  • November: 550.

  • December: 552.

  • January: 553.

  • February: 563.

  • March: 569.

  • April: 567.

The report also shows that the following number of students with Section 504 plans were:

  • October: 231.

  • November: 237.

  • December: 248.

  • January: 256.

  • February: 263.

  • March: 268.

  • April: 275.


This school year, the number of outplaced Wilton public school students ranged from a low of 30 in November to a high of 36 in April. As for hospitalizations, the number of students ranged from zero in November to as high as four in April.

The May enrollment report did not provide out-of-district or special education enrollment data for the month of September.

The Wilton Public School District’s May enrollment report is available at https://bit.ly/2lwRqdd.