Wilton schools welcome more than 20 new staff members

The Wilton Public School District hired more than 20 new educators for the 2016-17 school year. According to the Sept. 1 district personnel report, these include six at Miller-Driscoll, six at Cider Mill, and 10 at Wilton High School.


Miller-Driscoll School welcomes four full-time classroom teachers this year: Patricia Forrest, Janine Pampillonio, Caroline Ronk and Neela Srihari.

The elementary school on Wolfpit Road also welcomed Erica Magliocco as a full-time library media specialist and Sarah Jordan as an full-time interim speech/language pathologist.

Cider Mill

The district hired four full-time teachers at Cider Mill: Melissa Cirillo, Joe Pullia, Kimberly Sakamoto and Catherine Westby.

Cider Mill also welcomed Salvatore LaRusso as a part-time interim music teacher and Anastasia Skroubelos as a full-time interim elementary teacher.

Wilton High School

Wilton High School has gained two full-time special education educators this year — Melissa Barrett and Matthew Renovitch — as well as social studies teachers Molly Palmer and Anthony Presta.

The high school also welcomed Susana Estes as a full-time art teacher, Christine Higgins as a full-time German teacher, Michael Lepoutre as a full-time math teacher, Nicholas Loafman as the school’s new band director, and Traci Healy as a full-time interim math teacher.