Wilton public school expenses show slight decrease

School district expenditures are expected to decline slightly for fiscal year 2019, according to a report by Anne Kelly-Lenz, chief financial officer for both the town and schools.
In her April report, Lenz said expenditures are forecasted $21,421 lower than the budget. There were areas of savings offset by increases.
One of the biggest savings is coming in the area of employee benefits, which was listed at $63,536,931 in the adjusted budget. The year-end estimate is $63,279,326 for a difference of $257,605.
Another positive change was a drop in salaries, which had been budgeted at $50,534,495 with the year-end estimate pegged at $50,281,611, a difference of $151,094.
The cost of purchased professional services is expected to increase by $304,420, from $5,554,572 in the adjusted budget to $5,858,992. The biggest driver is the computer lease contract, which increased by $287,000 from $880,523 to $1,167,523.
Utilities were another area of increased costs for the schools. Heating fuel, telephone and sewer use all increased. Electrical costs were upped in the adjusted budget and thus are not showing a forecasted increase.
Overall, utilities are increasing $73,198, from $1,500,267 in the adjusted budget to $1,573,465.
Purchased property services increased by $14,037, from $1,037,492 in the adjusted budget to $1,051,529 for the year-end estimate. This category includes things like digital resources, textbooks, and equipment repair and maintenance.
Out of district
The group termed other purchased services includes private school and public school special education costs, insurance, staff travel, field trips and recruitment. Overall, the estimated year-end expenditures are forecasted to be $4,025,673 compared to the adjusted budget of $4,030,050, an increase of $4,377.
The chart that accompanied Kelly-Lenz’s report showed an increase in the private school tuition line for students placed outside the district that was offset by a $1.4 million excess cost revenue grant that is given by the state to the town.
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