Wilton earns highest SAT language arts benchmark achievement in DRG-A

According to the results of Connecticut’s second statewide SAT, the Wilton Public School District had the highest percentage of 11th graders meet or exceed the language arts benchmark in the DRG-A, at 95.4%.

Beginning in 2016, the SAT replaced the Standard Balanced Assessment Curriculum (SBAC) administered to 11th grade public school students in an effort to reduce the amount of required standardized testing. The second statewide SAT was administered to 11th graders this past April.

Darien had the DRG-A’s second-highest percentage of students to meet or exceed the language arts benchmark at 94.8%. The other DRG-A districts fared as follows:

  • New Canaan: 94.4%.

  • Ridgefield: 93.4%

  • Weston: 92.5%

  • Westport: 92.4%

  • Region 9: 91%

When it comes to the SAT math benchmark, Wilton had the second-lowest percentage in the DRG-A at 77.3%, while Darien had the highest percentage at 85.8%. The other districts fared as follows:

  • Weston: 82%.

  • New Canaan: 81.7%.

  • Ridgefield: 78.5%.

  • Westport: 78.3%.

  • Region 9: 70.1%.

Last year, New Canaan had the DRG-A’s highest percentage of test-takers who met or exceeded both the language arts and math benchmarks — 96.2% and 84%, respectively.

For Wilton, both achievement percentages represent increases over last year, when 93% of Wilton juniors met or exceeded the SAT language arts benchmark and 76.1% met or exceeded the math benchmark.


A total of 323 Wilton 11th graders took this year’s statewide SAT, with 308 taking the language arts portion and 249 taking the math portion.

The DRG-A district with the highest 11th-grade SAT participation was Westport with 459 test-takers, followed by Ridgefield with 396 test-takers. The other DRG-A districts had the following number of test-takers:

  • Darien: 325.

  • New Canaan: 301.

  • Region 9: 221.

  • Weston: 200.

This upcoming school year, Connecticut 11th graders will take the SAT on March 21, 2018, with April 24 and 25 makeup dates.