Wilton drops 42 students

This year, Wilton Public Schools faced its biggest decrease in student enrollment in 10 years.
According to this year’s official student enrollment count, prepared by certified accountant and actuary Ellen Essman, 4,182 students are currently enrolled in Wilton’s public schools — 42 fewer than last year.
Kindergarten through first grade saw a drop of 32 students, while third through fifth grade enrollment dropped by 40 students. While the number of sixth  through eighth graders decreased by 10, the number of students enrolled at Wilton High School increased by 40.
The number of enrolled preschool students is based on the April enrollment for the previous year, which in this case is 78.
An assumed number of 20 is used each year for out-of-district students — not including those enrolled in vocational schools.
Molly Rollison, administrative assistant at the superintendent’s office, said both the preschool and out-of-district enrollment numbers change throughout the year.

2013 projections

In October 2013, Wilton Public Schools projected student enrollment of 4,224 to remain the same this year and didn’t expect a decrease — of 61 students — to occur until the 2015 school year.
“The variation between what was projected for this year was identical to last year’s enrollment. Enrollment this year is 42 students, or 1%, less than projected,” said Board of Education Chairman Bruce Likly.
“Given the wide variations possible, I’m very happy with a 1% variance and am greatly appreciative of Ellen Essman’s continued accuracy in projecting coming year enrollments.”
The largest projected enrollment decrease wasn’t expected to occur until 2016, with a projected enrollment decrease of 87 students.
Other than an enrollment increase of one student in 2011, student enrollment has dropped every year since 2008:

  • 2009: 37 fewer students than the previous year.

  • 2010: 36 fewer students than the previous year.

  • 2012: 23 fewer students than the previous year.

  • 2013: 15 fewer students than the previous year.

Based on the October 2013 projections, 3,774 kindergarten through 12th grade students are expected to be enrolled in 2021 — a projected drop of 74 students from the projected previous year.