Wilton debate team successful at Yale Invitational

Early in this year’s season, the Wilton Debate Team already has something to brag about. On Saturday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 18, 10 members of the debate team travelled to Yale University in New Haven to compete in the parliamentary division of the 24th annual Yale Invitational Debate Tournament.
Divided into teams of two, they debated topics (“Resolutions”) ranging from the harms of government-sponsored lotteries to the anonymous use of the Internet. They faced more than 80 of the best teams from around the nation and Canada. And after nearly 16 hours of arguing and more than 15 resolutions, the team returned with several awards.
Three of the five Wilton teams survived Saturday’s preliminary rounds to return to compete in Sunday’s elimination rounds. There, Cameron Berg (’18) and Michael Wallace (’18) won first- and third-place speaker awards. The pairing of Ravi Siripuram (’17) and Lucas Adams (’17) received recognition for their trip to the quarterfinals, where they lost to a team from Cary, N.C. Nickia Muraskin (’17) and Catherine Cinguina (’17) competed in the octofinals, but they were unable to overcome the second-seed team from the Dalton School.
The team is captained by Stephanie Xie (’17) and Michael Wallace with a large contingent of returning seniors, and several talented teams of underclassmen.