Wilton Woman’s Club awards scholarships

As the school year drew to a close, the Wilton Woman’s Club awarded scholarships to six young women at Wilton High School.
The awards were created to honor two important and well-respected members of the club — Julia Robb and Elizabeth Sternad.

Julia Robb Memorial Art Scholarship

At the Fine and Performing Arts Awards ceremony on May 20, the Julia Robb Memorial Art Scholarship was presented by the late club member’s close friend Karen Tartell.
Robb was a dedicated member of the club during the 1990s, before her untimely death at age 52. She had a special passion for the arts, and was the driving force behind the highly successful Autumn Craft Festival, which was the major fund-raising event for the Wilton Woman’s Club for many years.
This scholarship was established to remember Robb and to inspire young artists in Wilton to pursue their passions for artistic endeavors.
The winners of the Julia Robb Memorial Art Scholarship were selected by a committee that judged the students’ art portfolios, looking for a level of mastery in any medium chosen by the student — whether in painting, drawing, photography or pottery.
This year’s first place winner was Corrine Cannavino for her unorthodox collages that demonstrated excellence in composition and drawing technique. Corrine plans to attend Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., this fall.
This year’s second-place winner was Maya Borrero, for her refreshing theme and use of everyday mid-century items in making well-designed works. Maya plans to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga. next year.

Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship

The Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship — named in honor of the founder of the club, Betty Sternad — was given   during the Academic and Community Awards ceremony on May 28.
Sternad established the Wilton Woman’s Club in 1966, and is still a member of the club. Her daughter Shelley Sternad Dempsey, a current Wilton Woman’s Club member, awarded the scholarship to the following   seniors:

  • Julia Davatzes.

  • Morgan Donnell.

  • Maddie Gillespie.

  • Alika Zangieva.

They received the scholarship based on their demonstrated strong character, commitment to community service and dedication to bettering our community or the global community.
Academic scholarship and extracurricular activities were considered, but were not deciding factor.