Wilton Rotary will install peace poles

Over the next few months, the Wilton Rotary Club will begin installing peace poles in key locations throughout Wilton, including at the library, YMCA and public schools.
The peace poles would support Rotary International’s tenet of “World Peace Through Understanding,” Wilton Rotary Club member Carol Johnson told The Bulletin.
After a member of the Westport Rotary Club visited the Wilton club and talked about the peace poles, Johnson said, “a few of our members got together afterward and devised the plan to promote peace in our community.”
“The initial peace poles will be installed at all four Wilton public schools, Our Lady of Fatima, the Wilton Y, Wilton Library and near the Rotary Gazebo on the Town Green,” said Johnson.
“We have also fielded inquiries from a few local businesses that are interested in having a peace pole at their business location.”
The eight-sided peace poles would convey the uniform message of “World Peace Through Understanding” in eight different languages, Johnson told the Board of Education during its May 12 meeting.
Johnson told the board the Rotary Club believe this “inclusive project” will not only touch Wilton residents, but also promote civic pride and sense of community.
“We believe it would help our community to remember that all important initiatives are successful because they begin with the recognition that we need to be the change that we want to see in the world,” said Johnson.
To celebrate the installation of these peace poles, the Rotary Club will have a dedication ceremony at the Wilton Library in September, which will coincide with the observance of the International Day of Peace.
Johnson said the Rotary Club would buy the poles and pay to have them installed using money raised from fund-raisers.
“We anticipate that the cost of the project will be approximately $2,000,” she said.