Wilton Public Schools put technology on display at TechExpo 5.0

How is technology changing the face of education in Wilton Public Schools? The Technology Advisory Committee invites the community to learn about the technology used in the classrooms at TechExpo 5.0 on Tuesday, April 22, from 5:30 to 7:30.

At this yearly event, teachers from all grade levels demonstrate the variety of technology integrated into the curriculum and available to students and parents. Last year more than 250 people attended more than 20 demonstrations.

Popular demonstrations returning this year include the use of iPads and the Youth Innovators. From science to art, teachers embellish and deepen their instruction with the iPad. The Youth Innovator area showcases children from 6 to 18 who use technology to build websites, create music and design applications.

This year’s TechExpo will highlight the four high school technology labs: Apple Mac Lab, Video Production Lab, World Language Labs, and the Drafting & Design Lab.

“By providing students with hands-on experiences, using the same technologies in high school that they will encounter in their careers, we are giving them a heads start” said teacher Greg Theriault.

“By building valuable skills, the learning generated in the technology labs also helps students to acquire internships and explore potential college pathways,” Associate Principal Richard J. Sanzo said.

The World Language Labs converge multimedia tools with language instruction.

State-of-the-art SONY computers feature Virtuoso, an interactive software package that goes far beyond listening and reading. Capabilities include pairing students for conversations, recording, texting and modeling interactive screens all tied back to a central teacher command station.

The Macintosh lab offers two classrooms and a total of 56 stations where students can use professional grade software for graphic design, game creation, music and film composition. Advanced software such as Adobe Illustrator, Xcode, Game Salad, Sibelius, LightRoom, and iMovie are available. The lab hosts many computer graphics classes as well as a variety of extracurricular clubs and projects.

Recently, the lab facilitated a “digital storytelling project” between students and their peers at a Native American reservation in South Dakota. The lab allows students to interact with people around the world and access expertise not available through traditional channels.