Wilton High presents quick-paced, humorous fall play

Mid-1930s Hollywood, London, and Mesalia, Ohio come to the Wilton High School Little Theater stage Thursday, Nov. 12, when the theater department presents Kaufman and Hart's The Man Who Came to Dinner.

The laugh-filled theatrical piece has presented a new set of challenges for the directors, Chris Kozlowski and Meredith Walker.

In staging the play, Kozlowski and Walker have focused a great deal of attention on the art of ensemble work, as the success of this quick-paced, carefully-timed piece depends on the full presence and contribution of each and every character on stage, a press release says.

The play is full of slapstick wit and unusual and outrageous characters, and the 35-student cast has focused on cooperative storytelling, which includes depending upon, respecting and supporting their fellow actors throughout the process, while expanding their individual characters.
The play follows the journey of the conceited and arrogant, yet wildly famous radio broadcaster, Sheridan Whiteside — played by senior Harry Wendorff — and his no-nonsense secretary, Maggie Cutler — played by senior Jackie Yee — as they find themselves stuck in a suburban home after Whiteside takes a taxing slip on the doorstep of a picturesque Ohio family.

The Stanley family, led by a stern Mr. Stanley — played by senior Griffin King — and a frantic Mrs. Stanley — played by senior Julia Siewert, is turned on its head as a wheelchair-bound Whiteside brings all sorts of chaos and insanity into the home, including:

  • Wild entomologists, played by sophomores Finn and Luke Maloney;

  • An eccentrically flamboyant British actor, played by senior Daniel Glynn;

  • A self-absorbed rising star, played by junior Skyler Addison.

The story takes a turn, however, when Cutler begins to fall for a local Mesalia newspaper journalist, Bert Jefferson, played by junior Ben Senneff.

To find out what Whiteside will do to keep his beloved secretary by his side and just how much pandemonium and disorder the Stanley family and Mesalia can endure, you’ll just have to see the production, which shows on:

  • Thursday, Nov. 12, at 7:30.

  • Friday, Nov. 13, at 8.

  • Saturday, Nov. 14, at 4.

For tickets, call 203-834-4844 or email whstix@wilton.k12.ct.us.