Wilton High presents Scamilton

Bryan Haeffele photos

Wilton High School senior Luke Maloney channeled his passion for screenwriting into creating this year’s Senior Show, Scamilton, a spoof on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit Hamilton, hitting the Clune Center stage Thursday, Feb. 8.

Laced with comedic highlights, Scamilton blends the 18th and 21st centuries with historical characters and contemporary music and dance.

For Scamilton, Luke said, he adopted “a lot of the same characters” from Hamilton, but also created new ones, changed relationships and abandoned “historical accuracy for comedic purposes.”

Some of the show’s leading roles are:

  • Alexander Hamilton, played by Trevor Brown.
  • Ramora Williams, played by Jamie Feidner.
  • George Washington, played by Luke’s twin brother, Finn Maloney.
  • Martha Washington, played by Anna Onnerud.
  • King George, played by Aidan Callahan.
  • Betsy Ross, played by Lydia Hoffman.
  • Veronica, played by Taylor Burke.
  • John Adams, played by Riley Sexton.
  • Abigail Adams, played by Alexandra Curtin.

Luke, a frequent player in Wilton High School theater productions, said he started spending an hour writing every single night his sophomore year of high school.

“I initially started by writing a screenplay, but as a side project I would write comedic plays,” he said. “It started out as a way to relieve the stress of my main project and have fun with dramatic writing.”

Luke said he wrote Scamilton the summer after his sophomore year after “listening to the soundtrack [of Hamilton] pretty much nonstop.”

“The first draft took a few weeks. I was working on it every night for at least two hours, so it was going pretty quickly,” he said. “The draft we’re acting under now is almost unrecognizable.”

Jokes, characters and entire scenes were cut “to make the script work better,” said Luke, who then edited the screenplay “on and off again for a year.” It wasn’t until last summer that he finalized a draft.

Luke said he had wanted to write a Senior Show ever since his friend Elliot tried to when he was a freshman.

After writing four different 50- to 60-page scripts for possible Senior Shows, Luke said, he emailed them to producer Marty Kozlowski last spring and “proposed a student-run show.”

In addition to devising and writing this year’s entire Senior Show production, Luke is co-directing it with veteran director Mary Jo Duffy — something he had “no intention of doing.”

“I actually thought I would submit [the scripts] for the grade above me,” said Luke.

Scamilton show dates and times are as follows:

  • Thursday, Feb. 8, at 7:30
  • Friday, Feb. 9, at 8
  • Saturday, Feb. 10, at 5

Luke said people should see the show “because it allows for future generations of aspiring writers and directors at Wilton High School to run their own productions.”

“If this play goes exceedingly well, a student-run Senior Show could become a staple of our theater program in the future,” he said.

“Also, most Senior Shows are a series of loosely related comedic vignettes. Scamilton is an entire narrative, which makes the entire piece vastly more interesting.”

Tickets are $12. They are general admission and will be sold during the high school lunch waves, as well as at the door.

Information: 203-834-4844.