Wilton High celebrates languages, cultures and diversity

Wilton High School will celebrate languages, cultures and diversity during the Festival of Languages, taking place Wednesday, April 6 through Friday, April 8.

The annual celebration, sponsored by the world languages department, emphasizes open-mindedness and a global outlook by bringing the school community together to celebrate the world’s cultures and languages. It has been a tradition at the high school for more than 20 years.

This year’s planning committee, led by senior Jessica Kobsa and junior Izzy Meltzer, has been organizing the event since October with the help of Spanish teacher Scott Webster and German teacher Joann Cordes.

This year’s Festival of Languages will feature nearly 30 events, ranging from German fairy tales and improvisational comedy shows to Japanese origami and Roman crafts.

A special international menu will be offered for lunch on Thursday, April 7, as well as an international bake sale to raise money for Syrian children refugees and the popular World Language Talent Show in the Clune Center auditorium.

There will also be craft workshops like making traditional Spanish fans and a discussion on the Syrian refugee crisis by the Amnesty International club.

The majority of events are student-run and several outside professionals will be invited, including a PTSA-sponsored showcase of Indian Bollywood style dance performed by a New York City dance troupe.

With at least one event offered every period of each day, interludes of cultural music over the loudspeaker in between classes and a school-wide international trivia contest among advisory groups, the planning committee hopes to ensure that the international celebratory spirit reaches all students and staff.