Wilton High School can now showcase alumni accomplishments

Merit, whose platform “connects the dots” between high school, college and career for millions of students and hundreds of institutions, has announced the rollout of free Merit accounts for more than 28,000 high schools in the United States, including Wilton High School.

For the first time, high schools will have a way to see, share and promote the everyday outcomes of each of their alumni at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Wilton High School now has access to a free Merit account that shows which alumni are succeeding in college by making the dean's list, studying abroad, participating in clubs or earning scholarships. Wilton High also has a public Merit page, wilton.ct.meritpages.com, that showcases alumni outcomes.

Merit currently partners with more than 250 colleges and universities that use its platform to document, promote and share the everyday activities, achievements, and outcomes of each of their students.

Since launching in 2013, Merit has shared those updates with high schools through a free weekly email digest. Those digests will now link to a free, customized Merit account for every high school and principals, guidance counselors and other administrators or teachers will be able to log in and see stories about former students’ current success at college.

The free high school Merit accounts include:

  • Regular, real-time updates added by colleges and universities about each school’s alumni.

  • A directory of every college in the Merit network with analytical tools to discover alumni based on their interests and accomplishments.

  • A customizable public Merit page for each high school that they can use as a landing page for students, families, and friends to discover stories about alumni.

“These high school accounts are the next step in our mission to connect the dots between high school, college and career for every student — not just the lucky or the privileged,”said Colin Mathews, founder and president of Merit.

“Every student at our partner institutions helps to chart a journey of success, and sharing those stories helps those students stay on course while marking the path for younger people to learn from and follow themselves.”

To learn more, visit www.meritpages.com.