Wilton High School academic awards

College Alumni Book Awards

— outstanding student committed to social action and civic engagement, Matthew Ravichandran
Brown — exhibits excellent verbal and written communication skills, Abigail Schiff.
Columbia — outstanding academic achievement, Andrew Floyd
Columbia University School of Engineering — outstanding scholarship in math and science, Rachel Pak
Dartmouth — outstanding academic scholarship, strong character and positive contributions to school community, Shannon Golden
Denison — proven record of academic achievement and an interest in pursuing the study of English literature, creative writing or poetry, and committed to service within the school and community, Katie Wardle
Fairfield — outstanding scholarship with concern for others and a commitment to school, Nikhil Fazio
Gettysburg — academic achievement in American history, Caraline Higgins
Harvard — outstanding academic scholarship, Elliot Connors
The College of Holy Cross,— exceptional academic achievement, Joseph Saldudtti
Mount Holyoke — outstanding academic scholarship, Jessica Huffman
Oberlin — outstanding achievement in English, Shayna Goldberg
Princeton Alumni Association of Fairfield County — outstanding academic scholarship, Jessica Kobsa
Randolph — academic achievement and a leader outside of the classroom, Alexandra Troy
St. Lawrence — academic achievement and significant commitment to community service, Riley Wadehra
St. Michael’s — academic achievement with a social conscience, Dean Kim and Mary Lynch
Smith — outstanding academic scholarship and commitment to making a difference, Katharine Robertson
Trinity — outstanding achievement in English, Griffin King
Vassar — demonstrated excellence in the humanities, Kevin Collins
Wellesley — exceptional academic scholarship, character and made significant contributions to school or community, Claire McCullough
Yale — outstanding academic scholarship, Ilana Olin
University of Chicago — outstanding student, visible in school and in community with a lively mind, Evelyn Caty
University of Michigan — outstanding achievement in creative writing, Daniel Glynn
University of Virginia — well rounded student representing the Jeffersonian ideals of scholarship, leadership and citizenship, Karen Brosko
U.S. Presidential Scholar 2015 — two scholars from Connecticut and 141 students from across the country were selected, Evaline Xie
Governor’s Scholars of Connecticut for 2015 — thirty scholars from Connecticut were selected, Jessica Kobsa
CT Fallen Heroes Foundation in memory of Nicholas Madaras ’05 — Annika Sheehan
Delta Kappa Gamma Book Award — presented to a junior looking toward pursuing a degree in education, Celine Orabi
League of Women Voters Edna Jones Memorial Book Award — recognizing a female member of the junior class who has demonstrated interest in government, Jessica Kobsa

PTSA Book Awards

(Presented to seniors who have demonstrated the highest quality of performance in specific subject areas)
English — Katherine Kahal and Grace Nickel
Business & Technology — John Gressle and Zara Saldanha
Family & Consumer Science — Child Development, Annie Wilson, video production; Cooper Pellaton and Osgood (Endy) Perry
World Languages — French, Kyra Lin; Spanish, Darden Livesay; German, Brady West; Latin, Aaron Friedman; Greek, Nathan Briglin
Mathematics — Andrew Curtice
Theater Arts & Public Speaking, Theater Arts: Rachel Davison, Jeremy Greenlee and Irish Harvey; Public Speaking & Leadership, John McDermott and Edward Petrillo
Science — Grace Nickel, Jeremy Phillbrick, Evaline Xie
Social Studies — Nicole Amato, Sean Dedrick, William Glynn, John Ryan Kettle
Music — Band : Makenna Pearsall, Chorus: Charles Jankowski, Orchestra: Kelly Skewis
Art-Drawing — Allesandra Rauccio
Computer Graphics Jacob Kinley, Photography: Timothy Brown
Ceramics — Tyler Mirabile Digital Media — Zourry Jarvis
Library Media — Jeremy Brewer
Physical Education Health — Stephanie Scamuffo and Matthew Shifrin
Support Services — Emma Gosden and Rory Murphy
School Counseling for Citizenship & Character — Alika Zangieva

Science Awards

W. Gehret Kleinspehn Science Award — For a senior showing strong interest, achievement and enthusiasm in all of the sciences and humanities, Grace Nickel
Society of Women Engineers — For academic achievement in science and mathematics and interest in pursuing engineering, Nathan Briglin and Evaline Xie
The Wilton Conservation Land Trust Scholarship in memory of Dan Cappel — Presented to a senior that has demonstrated a commitment to the environment, extracurricular activities, community service and academics, David Sandor
The Wilton Conservation Land Trust Book Award, Rachel Pak
The Renewable Energy Environmental Science Scholarship Award — Awarded to a senior who through their class work has studied and communicated the benefits of renewable energy generation as an alternative to today’s carbon emitting energy sources and their adverse environmental impact, Elizabeth Arthur
Wilton Garden Club Marybeth Wheeler Memorial Scholarship Award — Presented to a senior who has shown an interest and achievement in nature, horticulture, botany or ecology, Colin DeFelice

Mathematics Awards

Math Contest Honorees — Evaline Xie and Brandon Zheng
Fairfield County Math League Top Performers, Tyler Brophy, Rachel Pak, Neal Sarup, Ravi Siripuram, Brandon Zheng and Kaitlyn Zheng
World Language Awards
World Language Scholar Award — To a senior who is proficient in three languages, understands and appreciates cultural differences, demonstrates a sincere passion for languages and cultures of the world and plans to utilize several languages on a professional level, Evaline Xie
International Club Award — For outstanding service to the International Club and for helping to bring cultural diversity and understanding to the students of WHS, Lydia Parapimon
Northeast Conference Awards — For excellence in the study of world language. French: Morgan Donnell, Spanish: Grace Nickel, German: Jeremy Philbrick, Latin: Nathan Briglin, Greek: Evaline Xie
CT COLT Poetry Contest Gold Medals —Modern Greek: Darden Livesay, Ancient Greek II: Erin Bronner, Latin IV: Jessica Kobsa, French V and VI: Evaline Xie, French III Native Category: Benjamin Lucas
Alliance Francaise Book Award — For service and leadership in spreading French language and culture, John DeAngelis
German Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany, Boston — Awarded for excellence in the study of German, Alida Schefers
German National Exam Gold Medals & High Honors — German III: Vik Zoeller, High Honors Level III: Hannah Jung, Level II: Benjamin Allbee, Sean Bergen and Emily Mitrione, Gold Medals Level I: Davis Johnson, Nicholas Killian, Michael Lynch, Sophia Mercado and Anna Maria Onnerud
National Latin Examination Gold Medals — Latin I: Harvey Alexander, Latin II: Erin Bronner and William Heffernan, Latin III: Kevin Chabrieer, Katherine Kenneally and Ashley Li, Latin IV: Nathan Briglin
CT State Latin Exam Gold Medals — Latin II: Sean Bergen, Erin Bronner and William Heffernan, Latin III: Jacqueline Cahill, Katherine Kenneally, Jessica Kobsa and Ashley Li, Latin IV: Nathan Briglin
National Greek Examination Perfect Score, Highest Honors & High Honors — Homeric Greek Highest Honors: Nathan Briglin, Beginning Attic Greek Perfect Score, William Heffernan, Beginning Attic Greek Highest Honors: Michael Wallace, Beginning Attic Greek High Honors: Erin Bronner
Medusa Mythology Exam Gold Medals — Nathan Briglin, Albert Cai (perfect score,) William Heffernan and Ashley Li (perfect score)
Career Practicum Award — To a senior who has shown outstanding achievement in Career Practicum, Kallie Spinola
Business-CSCPA Award — To a senior who has excelled in accounting, Matthew Shifrin
National Economics Challenge, David Ricardo Division, First Place Connecticut, Carlos Hernandez, Tyler Innes, William Ruefenacht and Brady West
Chartwells Student Scholarship — To a senior who will be pursuing a career in culinary arts, Cristina Salatino
Reynolds & Rowella “Strength in Numbers” Scholarship — For excellence in the study of accounting, Ryan Eberhardt and Daniel Sullivan
Captain Sam Polis American Legion Post 86 Memorial Scholarship — In recognition of academic achievement among seniors pursuing a technical career, Ryan Eberhardt
Fairfield County Community  Foundation Excellence in Education Award — Presented to a senior who exemplifies excellence in education, demonstrates leadership and is involved in extracurricular activities, including community service, Nicole Amato

Wilton Youth Council Awards

Peer Outreach Leadership Award — For an outstanding senior whose efforts in peer outreach have made a significant impact on making the high school a more caring environment, MaryJane LaSala
Wilton Youth Council Award — To a graduating senior who has demonstrated a genuine respect and sensitivity for others that reaches above and beyond the norm, Trevor Huffard
Hugh O’Brien Foundation Award — To a sophomore demonstrating leadership and scholarship potential, Jackson Walker
“Young American” Leadership Award — Presented to a senior for demonstrated outstanding citizenship and academic excellence, David Craven
DAR Good Citizen Award — Presented to a senior for exemplary citizenship and service to school and community, Darden Livesay
Wilton Historical Society Award — Presented to a senior for outstanding achievement and interest in history and a record of community service, John Kaelin
Mid-Fairfield County Board of Realtors Community Service Scholarship — Presented to a senior for academic achievement combined with service to the Wilton community, Neal Sarup
Fairfield County Bank Scholarship Award — Presented to a senior whose good character is exemplified by service to the community, John Kaelin
Wilton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award — Presented to a senior who demonstrates academic achievement and community service, Nicole Amato
Gregory and Adams Award — Presented to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, character and achievement on the Wilton High School Debate Team, John Kaelin
Rotary Club of Wilton “Service Above Self” Awards — Presented to two seniors who have reached out to help other students or the greater community, Alexander Ackerman and Jacqueline Cooke
Georgetown Lions Club Frank A. Clark Scholarship — Presented to a senior who will attend a Connecticut State University and is engaged in community service, John DeMattia
Wilton Volunteer Fire Department John J. Cahill Award — Presented for outstanding community service, Julia Davatzes and Alika Zangieva
Wilton Woman’s Club Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship — Presented for outstanding community service, strong character and leadership, Julia Davatzes, Morgan Donnell, Madison Gillespie and Alika Zangieva
Wilton Family YMCA Award — Presented to seniors who have demonstrated values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility to young people, Caroline Costello, Sean Dedrick, Miranda Morris, Isabella Palapac, Alyssa Rubsam, Madeline Srivastava and Haley Taroli
Wilton Bulletin Journalism Award — Presented to a senior who has demonstrated an enthusiasm for gathering news, an ability to communicate in a complete, fair and clear way and an understanding of and commitment to the truth, Alika Zangieva
Future Global Leader award — Recognizes and rewarding young leaders in Fairfield County who have demonstrated a commitment to understanding global issues and leadership qualities applicable to solving global problems, David Craven
American Citizenship Award — Recognizes seniors who participate in school and community service, show a positive attitude, possess strength of character and promote citizenship   through school and community activities, Erin Cunningham, Madison Gillespie, Meaghan Herlyn, John Ryan Kettle, Makenna Pearsall, Hayden von Hoffmann, Jackson Ward and Daniel Weisman
National Association of Secondary School Principals/Prudential Spirit of Community Award — Presented to a senior who celebrates the spirit of volunteerism both in school and in the community, Julianna Yee
National Association of Secondary School Principals Herff Jones Leadership Award — Presented to a senior who demonstrates outstanding leadership skills, Cooper Pellaton
Connecticut Association of Schools “Leadership  Award” — Presented to two seniors for outstanding leadership at Wilton High School, Perry and Elise Vocke
The Fairfield County Association of Secondary School Principals “Scholar-Leader Award” — Presented to two seniors who demonstrate excellent scholarship and leadership, Cooper Pellaton and Evaline Xie
CAPSS/Superintendent’s Award — Presented to two seniors for community service, academic ability and leadership services to the school and community, Geoffrey Keating and Grace Nickel
Connecticut Association of Boards of Education “Student Leadership Award”— Presented to two seniors who are recognized leaders at Wilton High School, Julia Davatzes and Carter Vail
The Pam Cole Memorial Scholarship — Presented to a deserving senior who demonstrates a creative passion in fashion/art design and who plans to further their creative education with a constructive post-graduation plan, Kendall Keough
Nick D. Zinicola Scholarship — Awarded to a senior who captures the essence of Nick’s spirit and values, Mairead Deacy
Dr. Robert J. Jacobs Memorial Award — In appreciation of students who “left their mark” for others to see, Colin DeFelice, Jack House, Ethan Michael, Cooper Pellaton, Michael Williams, Emmet Lane, Sean Westerholm and Harrison Winrow
The Jack Award — Given in memory of John A. Sussenguth to a graduating young man and woman who combines scholarship with leadership, who gives of self with warmth and friendship, who is accomplished in the arts or athletics and who fulfills these ideals with a joy and zest for life, Katherine Kahal and Darden Livesay
The Jamie K. Wilson Scholarship Award — Given to two seniors who have demonstrated a love of children, involvement in the community and concern for fellow students and who wish to pursue a career in elementary education, Kristen Godin and Annie Wilson
The Melissa McFadden Memorial Fund Scholarship — Presented to two seniors this year who have successfully worked with children with disabilities and intend to pursue this field in the future, Sean Dedrick and Carter Vail
Whitney Sherman Memorial Award— Presented to a senior who has been confronted with an extraordinary challenge, yet maintained a positive outlook and is an inspiration to all, Colin DeFelice
Matthew M. Shaw Memorial Scholarship — Awarded to a senior who has demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, selflessness and empathy combined with a positive attitude and sincere desire to be helpful to his or her peers, Casey Tucker

National Merit Scholarship Program

National Merit Commended  Students — Nicole Amato, Nathan Briglin, Ryan Curtis, Julia Davatzes, Rachel Davison, Nicholas DiCorato, Ian Erickson, Aaron Friedman, William Glynn, Cassidy Haas, Vivian Hong, Charles Jankowski, Katherine Kahal, Neel Kaushal, Geoffrey Keating, John Ryan Kettle, Kyra Lin, George Mgaloblishvili, Erica Misknis, Miranda Morris, Jeremy Philbrick, Riley Quigg, Jason Rothstein, Patrick Ryan, Neal Sarup, Sarah Stroup, Connor Sweeney, Caroline Taverna, Jackson Ward and Kaitlyn Zheng
National Merit Finalists — Jeremy Brewer, Grace Nickel, Daniel Xie, and Evaline Xie
National Merit Scholarships — Grace Nickel and Evaline Xie