Wilton Girl Scouts earn first aid badge

Wilton Junior Girl Scout Troop #50229 recently visited Wilton EMS headquarters to earn their EMS visit/first aid badge. Approximately 15 girls attended along with leaders Jennifer Malloy and Joanna Warren.

The cozy cottage-like headquarters of the town’s Emergency Medical Services set on a hill was a comforting backdrop for the girls to learn what they should do in various emergencies.

Younger EMS members David Schmidt, Dana Laurie and Mary Navarro shared their own personal experiences as well as critical information.

Navarro led the talk, which prompted the girls to volunteer their ideas of what to do in various emergencies — the first of which was what is an appropriate call to 911.

Right answers included when an intruder was present in the house or when someone was having a serious medical emergency. Wrong answers suggested by the girls included “When I have a fight with my brother,” or “When I have trouble with my homework.”

Girls also learned what to do in the case of a sunburn, insect bite, a bad cut or an animal bite.

In the case of an insect bite, the girls discussed the best way to remove a stinger, or the best way to remove a tick — by the front pinchers. They also learned that if the victim of any kind of insect bite suffers severe symptoms they should call 911.

In addition, Navarro explained that if a cut is badly bleeding, it might need more than a bandaid. Each girl was given a sample of gauze and she demonstrated how to apply it.

All in all, the girls left the experience with an expanded knowledge of the need for 911, what first aid they can administer, and the resources available to the town in the Wilton EMS team.