Welcoming five new Warrior Words columnists

As the summer ends and new school year begins, The Bulletin welcomes a new group of Warrior Words columnists.

The words of Wilton High School seniors Lynn Huffard, Julia Vitarelli, Skyler Addison, Julia Foodman and Brooke Amodei will grace The Bulletin’s schools page each week beginning Thursday, Sept. 8. But who are they?

Lynn Huffard

A longtime lover of English, Lynn describes herself as “the student who reads every assigned book, front to back.”

During her time at Wilton High School, she has been involved with sports, including diving for Wilton High School’s swim team her freshman year and participating in lacrosse — both as a player and referee.

Lynn said “a huge part” of her high school career has been Wilton High School’s Freeplay improv comedy troupe, “directed and coached by the great Heather Delude.”

Outside of school, Lynn works and B-Chic on Old Ridgefield Road, and said she would “probably rank the perfect pair of jeans as necessary as water, food and shelter.”

Lynn said she is not a morning person — although she hopes to be one — and her favorite movies are those recommended to her by her mother.

“If I could live in any city in the world, it would be Paris,” said Lynn, “and if I could live a year as a surfer bum in Santa Cruz, Calif., I would seize the opportunity.”

This school year, Lynn will serve as senior class vice president.

Julia Vitarelli

Julia is the president and co-founder of the Wilton High School UNICEF Club, treasurer of the Wilton High School Spanish Honors Society, and a member of the TOPSoccer Club. She also volunteers at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk.

She not only plays soccer on the Wilton High School varsity team, but also runs for the high school’s indoor and outdoor varsity track teams and was a member of the 2014-15 winter season 4x400 meter relay team that broke the long-standing school record.

Julia said dance has also been a constant in her life and she has a “particular interest in lyrical and contemporary styles.”

Last spring, Julia received an outstanding achievement in creative writing award from the University of Michigan.

“I love writing and I’m thrilled to be a Warrior Words columnist this year,” she said.

Skyler Addison

Skyler, a member of the National Honors Society and president of Wilton High School’s German Honors Society, said if she’s learned anything during her high school years, it’s that “there is never enough time during the day.”

“Anyone who knows me well would agree that I am always busy,” she said.

On any given night of the school year, Skyler said, she can be found either in Wilton High School’s Little Theater or the Clune Center.

“I have participated in all but one of the Wilton High School theater productions,” said Skyler, who played Lorraine Sheldon in last fall’s production of The Man Who Came to Dinner.

Skyler is also a mainstage member of the Freeplay improv comedy troupe, and said it has been “an extremely rewarding experience.”

“I have always been really interested in comedy and have wanted to be a writer for SNL for as long as I can remember,” said Skyler, who organized an improv comedy show this past spring to raise money for Wilton’s 2016 Relay for Life.

“I love writing of all kind and want to pursue it in college,” she said, “whether it be screenplay or journalism.”

Julia Foodman

Julia said she is “absolutely thrilled” to be a Warrior Words columnist this year and share her insights on life as a Wilton High School senior.

Actively involved in theater, Julia performed in last spring’s Wilton High School musical, Beauty and the Beast, and is a member of the high school’s Little Theater Company board.

“I basically live in the Clune Auditorium,” said Julia, who also sings in the high school’s madrigal choir and is an Acoustic Wilton performer.

“When I’m not performing, you can find me at Ambler Farm, where I am a mentor for the apprentice program, or mentoring for Peervention.”

Julia participates in student government and will be chairing the senior prom this year after co-chairing last year’s junior prom.

She said she also loves journaling, driving at night, watching Parks and Rec, listening to music, and can recite almost the entire Hamilton album.

“I consider myself a very sarcastic and sentimental person,” said Julia, “and I can’t wait to show you all through my columns.”

Brooke Amodei

Seventeen-year-old Brooke said she loves the color orange, baking, making people laugh, and anything that reminds her of winter.

“I have seen the glass as half-full since I was little,” she said, “and I firmly believe that a hug and a Bible verse are sometimes the best medicine.”

Brooke was inducted into the National Honor Society this past spring and will be this year’s Wilton High School executive vice-president. She is also president of the Wilton High School Little Theater Company.

“I've been involved with theater since middle school,” said Brooke. “It's been a huge and amazing part of my life all throughout high school.”

If she’s not in the Clune Center or Little Theater, Brooke said, she can most likely be found at church “helping with youth group, singing in the worship band or teaching Bible stories to kids,” or at home playing with her dogs, hanging out with friends or writing songs with her ukulele in her lap.

Although she doesn’t know what her senior year will bring, Brooke said she promises to provide an optimistic outlook on whatever comes her way — “from the college process to the rehearsal process, and everything in between.”