Welcome our Warrior Words writers

The new school year has begun, and with that, The Wilton Bulletin is getting ready to kick off another season of Warrior Words columnists.

This year, Nicole Berg, Brooke Connolly, Casey Chase, Chase Smith, Nicholas Dehn, and Maddie Hoffman will share their thoughts about life in and around Wilton High School with Bulletin readers.

When students write a column such as this, it allows readers to get to know them in a personal way. So who are these writers?

“I am the vice president of the Wilton High School Key Club, a member of the Spanish Honor Society as well as Peervention,” Nicole said.

“I work as a cashier at the Village Market. I also babysit and tutor. I’m the student chair of the Wilton Education Foundation and a member of Art From the Heart, a branch of Circle of Care. I also love spending time with my friends and family, listening to and discovering new music, and running.”

“I’ve lived in Wilton since I was two and went to all of the public schools,” Casey said. “I run cross country and track, and used to play soccer. I have two little sisters and am chairwoman of Prom Committee, as well as the Microfinance Club.”

Nicholas presented a biography that was strong in club participation. “I’m very active in the theater department at Wilton High School,” he said. “I’m the president of Little Theater Company and the choir, and the vice president of National Honor Society. I belong to other charity-based organizations and I like English.”

So what made them want to be a part of writing?

“Basically since I’ve been able to read, I’ve always flipped through The Bulletin, mostly reading the school section, and noticed Warrior Words,” Nicole said.

“I appreciated the clever columns that the students would write as well as the fact that The Bulletin would include students’ perspectives. “Ever since my freshman year, I knew that being a Warrior Words columnist was something I wanted to do. I’m so excited about being able to be a part of it!”

“It’s a Wilton tradition,” Casey added. “I have a lot of friends who did it. I enjoy writing and it’s a nice opportunity.”

“My brother did it when I was a freshman,” said Nicholas. “It’s great to see the process behind the writing. Just as he was inspired to do it so was I. I like to express to readers what I have to say.”

Chase Smith, not to be confused with Casey Chase, found his desire to write thanks to his peers. “I was inspired to write for Warrior Words when I read the columns from last year,” he said. “Each student had a distinct style and thoughts, and I remember wanting to contribute to that mix of voices and opinions.”

The students, all seniors at Wilton High School, will reflect on their experiences as they prepare for life after high school.

“Obviously, senior year has its perks, thrills, and pressures, and these are all things that I’m anxiously anticipating,” Nicole added. “I’m especially excited about being able to kick back and relax, spend time with my friends, go on internship, get the whole ‘senior experience,’ and, of course, write for Warrior Words!”

“I’m looking forward to the landmarks of being a senior — homecoming and so on,” said Casey. "I want to write about the Microfinance Club, as well as about the teachers and how they don’t get enough credit."

Nicholas believes that senior year is a special time for students to come together. “It really unites the class in a way that we haven’t seen before in that we get privileges and partake in special activities,” he said. “I’m looking forward to experiencing it all before we go our separate ways.”

As for Chase, it’s a special year, as well as a year for growth. “This year I’m looking forward to foraying into the adult world, as I work to complete the college process,” he said. “As a senior, I can’t wait to stretch my wings, but for now, being an upperclassman certainly has its perks! This year I’ll be able to step up in activities around the school, from choir to orchestra to theater. I am fascinated by music, and although I don’t plan on pursuing it to the level of a college degree, I never want to be without it. I will always be a musician, no matter where my future leads me.”

Warrior Words gives students the opportunity to try out their writing skills. So will any of them look to go into writing professionally?

“It’s a possibility,” said Nicole “As a high school senior with a billion interests, it’s difficult to narrow it down, but writing has always been not only a strength but a passion of mine as well. Though it very well may change tomorrow, the career path that I’m currently pursuing is marketing, and my writing skills will be very useful in that field.”

“It’s something I would consider — being a journalist,” added Casey. “I definitely want to continue writing. I definitely want to stay in the Northeast but haven’t decided where I’m going to college yet.”

“I definitely want to major in English,” said Nicholas. “I’d like to stay in writing in some capacity. My college plans are ongoing. I’m considering early decision at Williams College or still going through the application process. Either way, I’d like to get it over sooner rather than later.”

“Whatever career path I choose, and I’m not really sure yet, I know writing will play a large role,” said Chase.

“I love the way a perfect sentence sounds: elegant, and suffused with a purposeful style. I think that writing for The Bulletin will allow me to share my writing with the Wilton community, while also helping me to develop a distinctive style!"

Readers will get their first taste of the Warriors when Nicole’s column runs on Sept. 5. Casey, Nicholas, Brooke, Maddie, and Chase will follow in order. The six students will contribute seven columns each. So here they come — each with their own voice.

“What I love about writing is that I like to take the emotional and pack into meaning,” Nicholas said. “I just like to indulge in language.”

Brooke Connolly checked in with her thoughts as well. When asked why she wanted to write for Warrior Words, she said: " Ever since middle school I have enjoyed reading what students from Wilton High School have to say about the school and their lives in Wilton. I first noticed the student columns about four years ago when I realized that my neighbor, a current WHS student, started writing for the bulletin. He was a very creative writer that always had the most interesting topics to write about. Ever since then I have enjoyed seeing which students write for the paper and what they write about. I could not wait for my chance to write for the column. I am excited to write for Warrior Words this year as a senior because it is a way for me to leave a mark on the town I have been living in for the past eleven years. I love how the students have the freedom to write about anything they choose about Wilton/Wilton High School, so that intrigued me to take advantage of the opportunity to be a columnist this year. After years of reading what other students have to say, I am thrilled to finally be able to voice my own thoughts in the Warrior Words."

Brooke says writing will definitely play a big part of her future. "Writing has always been one of my strongest and most enjoyable classes in school," she said. "I am hoping to major in writing in college and hopefully find an internship or college job that entails writing or journalism. Writing for the Warrior Words will be great practice for future endeavors I may have in writing."

As for her senior year, Brooke is as excited like all students.

"As a senior, there are countless things to look forward to throughout the year," she said. "It’s hard to believe that after all my years of schooling in Wilton, I am finally a senior. I am looking forward to making this year the best one yet, and making memories with the kids I have grown up with. I want to make the most of every day so that my senior year is one I will remember forever. From spirit week, homecoming, prom internships, and all the other perks of senior year, I know this year will be a memorable one. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and stories from this year with the Bulletin."

So who is Brooke?

"I have lived in Wilton since I was five years old," she said. "I am one of five children in my family, and have three dogs and a cat. At the high school, I play soccer in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and tennis in the spring. I am captain of the Varsity Tennis team this year and am looking forward to it. As for clubs, I am a part of the Top Inclusion Models club, as well as TOP Soccer. Both clubs mean a lot to me and I hope to make a difference in Wilton High School with the influence of all of our members."

Enjoy reading the thoughts of the Warriors in the Bulletin ever week during the school year.