Valentine's Day at Wilton High School

Valentine’s Day was BIG at the Wilton High School this year. Some 1,500 hearts were cut out by hand with the help of the student government committee and hand written with the names of each and every student, teacher and faculty member of Wilton High School.

On Valentine’s eve this group hung every heart on the giant glass window that faces out to the road for all to see. Everyone loved their special name recognition surprise and a very positive camaraderie among the entire school community was created for a day

The heart project is in its second year and has now become an annual event at Wilton High. Credit for the project goes to Jack Jankowski, Gemma Gamberdell, Veronica Brown, Sahib Sawhney, Tyler Christensen, Jake Bazilian, Bobby Reif, Michael Williams, Alex Bendix, Alex Wisdom, Anthony Saltarelli, Allie Scharfer, Jeremy Brewer, Paige Wallace, Megan Roughan, Brittany Brown, and Larkin Brown.