Truck in Wilton High school was a ‘senior prank’

A recent comment on The Bulletin website claimed a pickup truck had been driven into the Wilton High School cafeteria.
Capt. Rob Cipolla of the Wilton police said they had received no calls for any such incident.
The Bulletin reached out to Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith who said, yes, a truck had been driven into the cafeteria but it was “all above board.”
“It was part of Senior Prank Day” on Friday, May 17, he said, explaining a senior approached Principal Robert O’Donnell about bringing a truck into the cafeteria. Apparently it had been done before.
“He worked with the administration, we had the custodians on board,” Smith said. “The truck was clean” and nothing was damaged, he added.
The Bulletin reached out to O’Donnell for more details, but he did not respond.