Trout release is annual tradition

Monday, May 18, marked the 16th year that the Wilton High School science department has released its trout into the Norwalk River.
This year, teachers Jim Lucey, Suzanne Steadham, and Matt Hoyt embraced the opportunity; however, the tradition was actually started by a former student and Bulletin editor, Jeff Yates, who graduated in 1999.
“Even from before high school, Jeff was very interested in anything that had to do with fishing and the outdoors,” chemistry teacher Jim Lucey told The Bulletin. “It’s something he nurtured long before high school, continued as an outlet in high school, and then carried into his professional life.”
Yates is now president of Trout Unlimited, a nonprofit organization that protects North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.
Yates’s purpose for the initiative, Lucey said, was “to draw attention to the health of the Norwalk River and its riparian area –– the area that borders a body of water.”
Yates’s mission to raise awareness has been influential, as many students to this day remain active advocates. “Brennen Ryan, Mishil Nana, and Austen Stang have been three of my most involved students this year. They have been amazing,” said Suzanne Steadham.