Three school bylaws still under review

Accepted by the Board of Education in December, revisions to the following three bylaws were “still under review,” Christine Finkelstein, member of the Board of Education and its Communication, Alignment and Policy Committee, said during the board’s April 23 meeting:
Bylaw 9324.1: Stipulates that the board may allow members to participate in meetings via telephone or other electronic means if they are unable to physically attend due to personal illness, disability, a family or other type of emergency or employment purposes.
Bylaw 9240: Requires board members to participate in development opportunities like conferences, workshops and retreats.
Bylaw 9131: Gives the education board the right to meet and work as a committee of the whole in informational discussions and explanatory sessions.
“We will be sharing those with you hopefully within the next month or so,” said Finkelstein.