The Goddard School opens its doors

Students of Wilton’s new Goddard School, at 385 Danbury Road, had their first day of school on Monday, Nov. 3.

“It was a big success. We were really excited to finally be open, and the children had a great day,” said Deborah Lee, co-owner of Wilton’s Goddard School.

“My husband [Edward] and I opened the school because we wanted to really serve and have a positive impact on the community.”

Mr. and Ms. Lee’s children attended a Goddard School in New Jersey for four years and had a “great experience,” said Ms. Lee.

“When our children came out of the school, they were well prepared to start elementary school on both a social and academic level,” she said. “We were impressed by how well they adapted.”

School enrollment began at the same time as the school’s construction last spring, said Ms. Lee, and the school currently has its “starting staff and we are continuing to hire more.”

Ms. Lee said both she and Education Director Danielle Briody, who has a master’s degree in elementary education,  are “fully committed to, and present at, the school every day.”

The Goddard School offers infant, toddler, preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, and school-age programs.

Ms. Lee said even though Goddard Schools have a “strong presence throughout the country,” being a new school in the area has its difficulties.

“Being able to get the word out and explain what we offer here at the school has been a challenge,” she said.


The curriculum offered at the Goddard School is “definitely head and shoulders above the rest,” said Ms. Lee. “We have many resources for our teachers to create their lesson plans from.”

The Goddard Schools have an educational advisory board that’s in charge of forming curriculum used at the schools.

“A lot of research, thought and time goes into our curriculum,” she said.

The board is composed of educators, researchers and experts in child development, early learning, technology integration, brain development, parent engagement, and health and nutrition, whose focus is to “provide Goddard Schools with valuable guidance and support to plan for the future and ensure we are providing your family with the best early learning programs,” according to the Goddard School website.

Learning through play is the philosophy of the Goddard School’s accredited FLEX Learning Program, said Ms. Lee, which focuses on academic, social, creative, and child-centered development.

The Goddard School offers enrichment activities and multicultural and developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to help build each child’s emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills.

According to the Goddard School website, it supports “professional development of teachers through early childhood education training” and offers “open communication with families in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.”

“We have a really strong academic program and flexible hours for working parents,” said Ms. Lee. “They can drop off their children and know they are having a great educational experience.”

To learn more or set up a tour, visit or call 203-408-0865.