Temporary classroom construction underway at Miller-Driscoll

Crew members prepared the construction site of Miller-Driscoll’s temporary classrooms on Thursday, Aug. 13.
The modular buildings, provided by ModSpace, will be used as classrooms at the primary school on Wolfpit Road undergoes a $50-million renovation.
At the Board of Education’s May 28 meeting, senior architect Randall Luther, of Tai Soo Kim, said the modular classrooms will be fully enclosed with corridors connected to the exit doors.

Bruce Hampson, co-chair of the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee, told The Bulletin the temporary classrooms will be set up Thursday, Aug. 20.
Construction of the temporary classrooms is expected to be completed by Wednesday, Aug. 26, according to an Aug. 1 status report on Miller-Driscoll’s renovation project, and the school renovation project expected to be complete in 2018.
Click here to view the renovation project status report.