Superintendent ‘enthusiastically’ endorses student athletic initiative

At the Board of Education’s Oct. 27 meeting, Superintendent Kevin Smith thanked Isabel, Lillian and Charlotte Casiraghi for launching Warrior Build-A-Bond.

Wilton High School junior Isabel, freshman Lilly and sixth grader Charlotte have proposed the creation of “an athlete-metric program to foster relationships and community between high school and youth athletes,” said Smith.

Warrior Build-A-Bond is designed to motivate youth athletes to continue to participate in sports at the high school level.

Not only is it a “really fabulous idea,” said Smith, but one he “enthusiastically” endorses.

“These are the moments in my life that I love the most,” he said. “When I meet kids who see a need and rather than make a complaint, they take action.”

Smith said the sisters have agreed to present their initiative at a future Board of Education meeting.

“I think I can speak for the entire administration when I say we look forward to working with them to get this program done,” said Smith.