Superintendent earns $20K incentive compensation

Superintendent Kevin Smith will receive $20,000 in incentive compensation for successfully meeting metrics stipulated by the Board of Education this past school year.
While negotiating Smith’s contract, the Board of Education’s Business Operations Committee decided a certain portion of his compensation would be incentive-based.
“When Dr. Smith came on board last year, we decided to base a percentage of his compensation on a series of performance-based metrics,” Christine Finkelstein said during the board’s July 23 meeting.
In coming up with the superintendent’s merit plan, the committee first identified the following key components of the district’s mission statement and values:

  • Whole child.

  • Student outcomes.

  • Fiscal accountability.

  • Human resources.

  • Curriculum.

The committee then came up with specific metrics and assigned a percent base to each of those categories, which determined Smith’s incentive income.
“Chris Stroup and I worked on that last summer with Dr. Smith to come up with a plan that was closely aligned with the strategic vision [and] that we thought set out some tough but measurable goals,” said Finkelstein.
Since it was Smith’s first year as Wilton’s superintendent, said Finkelstein, a lot of the goals were planning-based rather than result-oriented.
“Here we are a year later and we have met as a board and reviewed Dr. Smith’s accomplishments in working towards those goals,” said Finkelstein.
“We unanimously agreed that he not only met those goals, but he exceeded expectations in several key areas.”
Board of Education Chair Bruce Likly said Smith will have another incentive-based compensation plan this coming school year.
“Chris Finkelstein has offered to take the leadership role in building that with both Laura Schwemm and Chris Stroup’s assistance,” he said, “so we’ll be looking for that in the next few weeks.”