Superintendent addresses Miller-Driscoll air quality concerns

In response to questions that have been raised regarding air quality at Miller-Driscoll, Wilton Public Schools issued a Jan. 14 press release about conducting a comprehensive indoor air quality review the town's oldest school.

In the release, posted on the school district website, Superintendent Gary Richards said a certified heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist will examine the indoor air quality at Miller-Driscoll.

Dr. Richards said the school system pledges to take action to address any issues that may be discovered.

“I want to assure parents that the air quality at Miller-Driscoll is safe,” he said. “Ensuring a safe and healthy climate for all students and employees is a core responsibility of my administration.”

Dr. Richards listed a series of steps Wilton Public Schools will take in order to evaluate the air quality.

Hiring the HVAC specialist is the first step, followed by requesting an analysis and sharing the results with the community in a public forum.

The second step is to re-test all Wilton schools for radon at no additional cost to the district, and to make all the results available to the public.

Step three is to re-engage Wilton schools in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tools for Schools program, which includes parental involvement and guidance for reducing exposure to indoor environmental contaminants.

Bruce Likly, Board of Education chair, in the release said Dr. Richards’ steps are “proactive and responsive to the school community.”

Status reports will be provided to the Board of Education at its regular meetings and will also be posted on the school district’s website.