Study skills workshops at Trackside

The last of the Study Skills 4 Students workshops of the year will take place at the Trackside Teen Center at 15 Station Road on Sundays, Dec. 6, 13 and 20, from 3 to 5:30.
The 7.5-hour workshop is $395 and covers all materials, including those for at-home support. To register: http:// enroll.successfulstudyskills4students. com/enroll/trackside.
Michelle Sagalyn, president of S4, said, “We are excited to offer this workshop just in time for high school students to set themselves up for midterm success. Implementing even a single new skill has been shown to boost students’ motivation and academic performance.”
The workshops are taught by experienced teachers. Each class is limited to 15 students.
“We are extremely happy to host the S4 Study Skills Workshops,” said Mark Ketley, executive director of Trackside. “These regularly held workshops have been met with much enthusiasm and praise from parents, students and even teachers. It is clear that study skills offer the pathway to academic success in school, and we are pleased to host the S4 program here in Wilton so that all students may benefit.”
More information may be obtained by calling S4 at 203-418-2003 or by