Students win top honors at art competition

The Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards has chosen 12 Wilton students as 2019 winners.
The 2019 Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards exhibition features select work from schools throughout Connecticut in grades seven to 12. From approximately 3,000 entries, 787 works were accepted for exhibition at the University of Hartford. Eight of the 12 Wilton students will advance to the National Scholastic Art Awards after winning Gold Key recognition in the Connecticut competition, the largest juried student art exhibition in the state.
There are 17 categories in the art competition and this year, Wilton High School students had a very strong showing in the ceramics category with five Gold Keys awarded, including one to Juliana Russo for best in the category for her Useless Tea Set.
“My ceramic work is inspired by everything I see, feel and experience,” Juliana said. “My work has developed and evolved over the past three years that I have been working with clay, from functional work to more sculptural work. My teacher, Ms. Currier, has pushed me to think outside the box and to alter my work which has taken my artwork to the next level.”
All of the students’ works were exhibited at the Hartford Art School earlier this year for the 29th annual Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards. The program is an affiliate of the National Scholastic Art Awards and the Young Artists and Writers.
Gold Key award winners will have their art reviewed by a panel of judges at the national competition in March. The national jury will select Gold Medal National winners, whose artwork will be exhibited in New York City in June.
Middlebrook Students
Jamie Parrotta, Photography, Gold Key, Hide The Emo.
Jamie Parrotta, Photography, Gold Key, Lights, Camera Action.
Amanda Prather, Photography, Silver Key, High in the Sky.
Riya Shah, Printmaking, Silver Key, My Olive Branch.
Wilton High School
Zoey Araquel, Ceramics & Glass, Honorable Mention, Deep Thoughts.
Emma Caldwell, Ceramics & Glass, Gold Key, Laced Together.
Davis Cote, Ceramics & Glass, Gold Key, Dancing Sawgrass.
Megan McNamara, Ceramics & Glass, Gold Key, Driftwood Dunes.
Julianna Russo, Ceramics & Glass, Gold Key, Best in Ceramics, Useless Tea Set.
Maud Seymour, Ceramics & Glass, Gold Key, Tea for Me.
Caroline Luciano, Mixed Media Photograph, Gold Key, Ella Rose.
Christopher Shaw, Design, Honorable Mention, Figure Ground Typography.
Giana Zaccone, Fashion, Gold Key, Fallen Angel.