Students present school yearbooks

Kendra Baker photos
Students and staff who worked on this year's Cider Mill, Middlebrook and Wilton High School yearbooks presented their final products at the June 9 Board of Education meeting.

Cider Mill

Fifth graders Alex L. and Alex U. and Yearbook Committee Co-Chair Carolyn Lyon, of the Cider Mill PTA, shared this year’s Cider Mill yearbook.

Alex and Alex said they helped select the pictures and content that went into the 96-page, PTA-funded yearbook, titled “Moving Forward.”


Middlebrook’s 2016 yearbook was presented by social studies teacher and yearbook club adviser Will Mathews and his “most dedicated and enthusiastic” yearbook club member, yellow team sixth grader Ryan Giancola.

“Yearbook club is a great chance for kids to have the experience of doing something that the school really needs,” said Ryan.

“Kids look forward to it every year. During the last three half-days that we have, most of the time, the kids spend time signing yearbooks.”

With so little people in so little time, Ryan said, it’s “amazing” how good the yearbook  came out.

Ryan said he loved helping put together this year’s yearbook — especially taking pictures for it — and wants to do it again.

Wilton High School

Joined by art teacher and yearbook adviser Rusty Hurd, Wilton High School yearbook editors Aqueelah Muhammad, Katie Kandie and Alida Schefers presented this year’s technology-themed Wilton High School yearbook.

“This is the book everyone’s going to keep when they grow up and look back on their time in high school,” said Alida, “so when selecting a theme for this year, we wanted to reflect the current students.”

The front cover of the book is decorated with symbols from social media commonly used by students, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Aqueelah, Katie and Alida said meeting deadlines was the hardest part about putting together the yearbook, which also includes a two-page spread of retiring teachers.

“We went through old yearbooks and found old pictures of these retiring teachers and put them [in the book],” said Alida.

“They each have a little blurb saying how they impacted the community and how we’re glad they were here and we’ll miss them when they’re gone.”

The $80 Wilton High School yearbooks were distributed to seniors on June 6 and underclassmen on June 7.