Students join in Army band concert

Wilton High School Band Leader Nicholas Loafman has been selected to direct eight high school band musicians during the United States Army Field Band & Soldiers’ Chorus Concert at the Clune Center Auditorium on Saturday, Nov. 5:

  • Clarinetists Pippa Gosden and Jonah Hirsch.

  • Alto saxophonists Ravi Siripuram and Jackson Walker.

  • Trombonists Ryan Carlson and Nathan Reznik.

  • Percussionists Cameron Berg and Catherine Hinshaw.

Loafman said he was “thrilled” to learn that the Army Field Band & Soldiers’ Chorus was coming to Wilton and is honored to have been asked to guest-conduct at the concert.
“It will be a wonderful experience to host them in our Clune Center and for our students to perform with them,” said Loafman.
“I hope we have a great turnout from the community to support these service members and our students.”
At the concert, Wilton High School music director Betsey DeGroff will conduct the following student chorus members:

  • Sopranos Sheila Higgins and Erin Bronner.

  • Altos Sarah Magnano and Brooke Amodei.