Students excel in model congress competition

After four consecutive days of demonstrating the mastery of debate and legislative skills, the Wilton High School Model Congress was recognized as Outstanding Small Delegation at the 2013 Yale Model Congress.

The 22 Wilton students ranging from freshmen to seniors debated and voted on student bills with other Northeastern high school students at the Dec. 5–8 annual weekend conference at the New Haven Omni Hotel.

Prior to and during the conference, each participating student researched topics of interest and composed an original piece of legislation to introduce at the conference.

Similar to congressmen and senators in our nation’s capital, students debated and compromised in an attempt to have their legislation passed in small committees and full congressional sessions.

Under the advisement of Wilton High history/political science teacher Kenneth Dunaj, Model Congress students learn how to develop policies and collaboratively work with individuals with varying opinions during weekly meetings and after-school debates.

In addition to the club’s overall recognition at the Yale Model Congress, seven Wilton High students were individually recognized for their debating and writing success:

• Jess Kobsa ­— Outstanding Legislation on Energy and Natural Resources Committee;

• Cole Ford — Outstanding Legislation on the Agriculture Committee;

• Jack Alibrandi — Honorable Mention on the Homeland Security Committee;

• Emily Fanwick — Second Honorable Mention on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee;

• Jeremy Brewer — Honorable Mention on the Supreme Court;

• Alex Bendix — Honorable Mention on Intelligence Committee;

• Irish Harvey — Second Honorable Mention in the Blue House Full Session (a debate of over 200 students).