Students bring ‘Late Night’ to Wilton


[wide]Featuring singing, instrumentals and comedy, Late Night Wilton will entertain its audience with the wide breadth of talent Wilton High School has to offer. The combination talk and variety show will be presented on Friday, June 10 at 7 p.m. in the Little Theater.

Hosted by rising senior Brooke Amodei, Late Night will feature an array of performances and interviews. Singing, comedy, and ukulele numbers are all among the selections in this year’s show.

“It gives all kids an outlet to do what they love to do, which is to perform, and an opportunity to be on stage,” Brooke told The Bulletin.

Late Night Wilton began several years ago with One Act Night, a “talent show” of sorts in which students of all grades could participate. The idea of a more formal variety show came about last year with Little Theater Company board members Harry Wendorff, Kevin Collins and Elliot Connors.

“Late Night was more of an appealing idea to the public eye. It made it a more exciting show,” Julia Foodman, the Little Theater Company’s secretary, told The Bulletin. “And there’s more to it, too. It’s more entertaining.”

This year’s lineup includes singing from sibling duos Jackie and Carolyn Yee and Caraline and Sheila Higgins, as well as an original song on guitar from Quinn Reedy and stand-up comedy from Callie Webb.

Late Night Wilton will also feature both past and future students at Wilton High School. Alumni Colin Defelice and Caitlin Witty will be returning, and Jayna Gumins — a current freshman — will be bringing up an eighth grader from Middlebrook to take part in her performance.

“It’s very inclusive,” Brooke said.

Students don’t have to be involved in the theater department to be included in Late Night Wilton. Anyone who sings, plays a musical instrument, or does comedy can participate.

“Late Night allows us to showcase the talent that you don’t always get to see in the bigger productions,” Brooke said.

Proceeds from the event will go towards The Little Theater Company, which puts on both shows and musicals at the high school. The funds they raise will be used will help cover the costs of costumes, set design pieces, lights, and sound elements in upcoming productions like Alice in Wonderland, this year’s fall play.

“The money goes right back into the arts so we can put on these shows,” Brooke said. “If you saw “Beauty and the Beast,” it’s an elaborate production. A lot goes into these performances to make them look the way they do.”

Tickets may be purchased at the door with a suggested donation of $5. Raffles with gift cards to Wilton businesses will take place at intermission, along with the sale of snacks and drinks.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for people to come and not pay very much to see these amazing acts. We’re putting in a lot of time and work,” Brooke said.

“For students, it’s a nice opportunity to destress from studying for finals and see some great music and comedy,” Julia added.