Student video spotlights kindergarten life at Miller-Driscoll

Last week, the second Miller-Driscoll Television crew, MDTV/2, shared a Kindergarten Orientation video that gives insight into the life of a Miller-Driscoll kindergartener with parents on May 4, 5 and 6.

The 13-minute-long video provides walkthroughs of a typical kindergarten classroom, the music, gym, library and art rooms, cafeteria and lunch-buying process, and recess.

The video features a student "press conference" on kindergarten. Some of the questions and answers include:

  • “What time does school start?” “9:05.”

  • “Is is easy to get to drop-off areas from your classrooms?” “It is.”

  • “Is it easy to get from the bus to your classrooms?” “Yes.”

  • “Are the people at school nice?” “Yes.”

  • “What do you do when you get to class?” “Unpack and do the morning work.”

  • “What time is school over?” “3:35.”

  • “Do kindergarteners have art?” “Yes, and they do pictures in art.”

  • “What about music?” “Yes.”

  • “Do you make new friends when you come to kindergarten?” “Yes.”

Below is MDTV’s Kindergarten Orientation video, which can also be viewed at