Student enrollment higher than projected

Enrollment in the Wilton Public School District has been pleasantly surprising this year, Superintendent Kevin Smith announced at the Board of Education’s Sept. 28 meeting.

“We are about 70 students above our projected [enrollment],” said Smith, noting that "most of those students were new to the community.”

According to Smith, the following grade levels saw the following increase in enrollment:

  • Kindergarten: 10.

  • Second grade: 8.

  • Third grade: 14.

  • Fourth grade: 22.

  • Sixth grade: 15.

  • Seventh grade: 11.

  • Ninth grade: 21.

Although the district had “a negative variance” of 19 students in 12th grade, Smith said, “on the whole, we consider it to be very positive in terms of enrollment and the projections.”

The district was projected to lose around 90 students from last year, but the actual enrollment drop is 25, said Smith, “so the curve is flattening.”