Snow days extend the school year

With the recent rash of snow storms and subsequent school cancellations and delays, Wilton Public School students and their parents may wonder how these will impact this school year.

While early dismissals and delays have no impact on the duration of the school year, said Superintendent Kevin Smith, cancellations do.

So far this school year, Wilton schools have been closed four times — Nov. 26, Jan. 27, Feb. 2, and Feb. 9, which currently puts the last day of school on June 15.

According to the school calendar, the first eight school cancellations will be made up at the end of the year, up to Friday, June 24. After that, any additional cancellations will result the deduction of days from the April vacation, which begins Monday, April 11. If the district were to face 13 cancellations, April vacation would be canceled.

“Because of the number of closures in recent years,” said Dr. Smith, “the district needed to have plans in place to ensure that we could complete our mandatory 180 days prior to the end of June.”

Board of Education Chair Bruce Likly said the district’s 10-year school cancellation average is about three and its four-year average is seven because of two “extreme” school years.

During the 2011-12 school year, Wilton schools were closed 10 times due to storms and nine times the following year.

“The provision to pull from April break, if necessary, is a recent development,” said Dr. Smith.

Mr. Likly said changes to the school district’s cancellation and make-up policy went into effect this year “to more clearly and easily adapt to the possibilities of more extreme years.”

CORRECTION: This article in the Feb. 19 issue of The Wilton Bulletin incorrectly stated that the last day of school has been pushed to June 25. The correct date is June 15, as corrected in this online version.