Slight enrollment decline since October

The Wilton Public School District has seen a nine-student decrease in enrollment since October, according to the district’s December enrollment report.

As of Dec. 1, the district’s total enrollment — excluding preschool students — was 3,852. As of Oct. 1, it was 3,861.

According to the December 2018 net enrollment count, there are 728 students at Miller-Driscoll, 858 at Cider Mill, 1,001 at Middlebrook, and 1,265 at Wilton High School. These numbers reflect a one-student decrease at Cider Mill, three-student decrease at Middlebrook, and a five-student decrease at the high school.

The district’s preschool program, however, saw an eight-student increase between Oct. 1 and Dec. 1 — from 60 to 68.


The district’s number of enrolled students as of Oct. 1 was nine students short of the National School Development Council (NESDEC)’s 3,870-student projection for 2018. According to NESDEC’s latest enrollment projection report, Wilton’s K-12 enrollment is projected to decrease by 35 students next year.

Other than a three-student increase in 2011, according to NESDEC, student enrollment in the Wilton Public School District has dropped every year since 2008.

NESDEC projects Wilton’s student population to continue declining until 2026, when there’s projected to be a six-student increase, followed by a 19-student decrease in 2027, and a 13-student increase in 2028.

NESDEC’s enrollment projection report is available at