Showing the love at Wilton High School

Showing the love

Valentine’s Day came a bit early at Wilton

High School. Since students have off for a winter break, the annual holiday celebration — where one heart for each student adorns the windows, was there for all to see on Tuesday morning. 

Orchestrated by student government president Alex Bendix, and executive council members, every heart was hand cut and hand written with the student’s name as a valentine surprise. Helpers to accomplish this task were, Isaac Pak, Derek Prario, Shannon O’Hara, Ryan Cross, Cooper Pellaton, Maya Seshan, Alexandre Fernando, Jaskson Walker, John Peter Benenati II, Alex Lupinski, Tara Martinelli, Isaac Reeves, Larkin Brown, Michael Williams, Tyler Christiansen, Nicholas Johnson, Casey Chase, Maddie Stow, and Lillian Chang. At right, ninth grader Jackson Walker lends a hand.