Sewing machine donated to high school

Earlier this month, a Singer Merritt 2404 sewing machine was donated to Wilton High School’s Library Learning Commons by Ladarat Stefan, a parent of a Wilton High School student.

According to high school library assistant Pamela Carlson, Stefan learned to sew as a teenager but “did not sew very much as an adult.”

When her son was a fourth grader at Cider Mill six years ago, however, Stefan got involved with the school’s annual quilting project.

“Ladarat helped with the sewing for the project with her machine and subsequently ‘caught the quilting bug,’ as she said in an email to me,” Carlson told The Bulletin.

Stefan got a new sewing machine a few years ago, said Carlson, and decided to donate her old one to the high school’s Library Learning Commons after hearing it was requesting one.