Senior show pokes fun at dating

Bryan Haeffele photos
Hitting Wilton High School’s Clune Center stage for the first of three nights on Thursday, Feb. 9, is the annual senior show, Save the Date, which takes a satirical look at the world of dating.

Wilton High School seniors from all walks of life are invited to be in the annual show, which showcases the spirit and camaraderie of the senior class.

The annual senior show, said director Mary-Jo Duffy, provides all the seniors the opportunity to “get up on stage, regardless of past experience.”

“Most of the kids in the show have never stepped foot on stage before,” she said, “so it is an interesting experience for them, and lots of fun.”

Duffy said the concept of the high school’s senior show is “always, fun, zany, campy and silly.”

“I try to find the funniest concepts where I can use as many characters as possible and then add big musical numbers so that the entire group can move and sing together,” she said.

Duffy said she conceived Save the Date by “finding lots of scenes about dating from several different sources.”

The show is comprised of various dating scenes, said Duffy, including blind dates, disaster dates, break-up dates, and being put in the “friend zone.”

“At the opening, we see a young girl sobbing and eating ice cream while watching romantic movies on television, and a guy who is hunkered down in his room playing 11 hours of video games a day,” said Duffy.

“They are visited by two supernatural beings or angels who tell them they need to get a grip and get out and live a little — join the real world — and they take them on this journey highlighting all the pitfalls of the dating world.”

Approximately 80 seniors are involved in this year’s senior show, which Duffy said is a “memorable way for the seniors to celebrate each other” and create a lasting memory before they graduate.

One reason why people should attend the show, said Duffy, is to “watch a group of kids — many of whom have known each other since kindergarten — enjoy themselves together for maybe the last time before they fly off to college and other pursuits.”

The show dates and times are as follows:

  • Thursday, Feb. 9 at 7:30.

  • Friday, Feb. 10 at 8.

  • Saturday, Feb. 11 at 5.

Tickets are $10 for students and $12 for adults. There will be open seating for the show and plenty of tickets available at the door.

Information: 203-834-4844.