Schools to begin radon testing

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 12, the Wilton School District will initiate routine radon testing in each of its school buildings.
Superintendent Kevin Smith said per Connecticut General Statue Sec. 10-220(d) all public schools must inspect and evaluate the indoor air quality in school buildings every five years. This required inspection and re-evaluation of indoor quality includes evaluation of radon gas, Smith said in a letter to parents and staff.
ATC Cardno will conduct the radon re-evaluation of the buildings. To re-evaluate buildings for radon in air, a limited number of locations are selected. Small test devices containing charcoal will be placed in 10% of the occupied rooms that are in contact with the ground. In addition, devices will be placed in any previously mitigated rooms. This includes rooms where radon was reduced by the installation of a radon mitigation system, Smith wrote. Radon test devices are safe and do not cause any adverse health affects. These devices will be left in place for two to three school days.
The district administration will keep radon test reports on file and inform the public of test results and interpretations when all testing has been completed. These results will also be posted to the district’s website. If elevated levels of radon are found, steps will be taken to reduce radon levels below the United States Environmental Protection Agency action level of 4.0 pCi / L.
For questions and concerns regarding radon testing the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Radon Program can be contacted at 860-509-7367.