Schools propose earlier start dates in upcoming years

Following multiple closings last school year due to weather, the district has decided that the first day of school will not fall after Labor Day next school year — or the year after that, Superintendent Kevin Smith said at the Board of Education’s Sept. 20 meeting, where the board reviewed and discussed 2019-20 and 2020-21 proposed calendars for the Wilton Public School District.

Smith said the district received some feedback about the first day of school and “while, previously, many people felt good about a post-Labor Day start,” he said, they weren’t happy about school ending so late in June, “so we made some changes.” These changes included moving the start date to the last Tuesday in August.

If the 2019-20 proposed calendar is approved, the first day of school next year would be Tuesday, Aug. 27. The first day on the 2020-21 calendar would be Tuesday, Aug. 25. Online professional development will take place before each of these start dates.

Board of Education member Gretchen Jeanes said she likes that the start day is on a Tuesday and not a Monday. When it’s on a Monday, she said, the Sunday night before is “just horrible,” and having the Monday off before the first day is a “nice little buffer.”

Last days

With earlier first days, the last day of school for the 2019-20 school year would be Friday, June 12. The last day for the 2020-21 school year would be Wednesday, June 9. Both last days would be shortened days for students, as well as the two days before.

Each calendar allows for 181 days of school and any days to be made up for emergency closings will be added at the end of the year. Days so designated are June 15-26 for the 2019-20 calendar, and June 10-25 for the 2020-21 calendar.

The calendars will be on the Board of Education’s next meeting agenda for discussion and approval on Thursday, Oct. 11.

The proposed calendars can be viewed here.